Forestry First Aid Kit -Tractor – Hi Viz Orange Bag – Belt Loop- Trauma Dressing


Lone Workers First Aid Kit

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Lone Worker or Remote Worker First Aid Kit in Orange Hi-Viz First Aid Bag

Ideal for Forestry Worker, Farm Worker, Tractor, Arboris,Tree Surgeon, Landscape Gardener, Road Maintenance

  • Ensure your workers have adequate first aid provision when working off site.

Lone working can take place when people:

work as individuals at a fixed site, e.g. in a shop or petrol station

are separate from others, e.g. in warehouses or automated plants

work away from their base or at remote locations, e.g. construction workers, maintenance, repair and cleaning , forestry & agriculture workers   

workers who work at home work outside normal hours, e.g. cleaners or security staff

workers who travel as part of their work, e.g. sales staff or delivery workers

workers who provide services to the public, e.g. social workers, home helps, community nurses

The kit is inside a really, nifty zipped pouch bag which has a small carrying handle on the top, a convenient belt loop at the back which also has a D ring in case you want to clip the bag to something.

The bag measures approx 13cms x 10cms x 5cms


10 assorted waterproof plasters

20ml Eyewash Pod 

2 wipes

3.5gm Burn Gel Sachet

Resuscitation Faceshield

Finger Bandage

Guidance Notes

Emergency Whistle

Traumafix Pressure Dressing – quickly stems major bleed injuries – new patent protected dressing. It offers a substantial, highly absorbent dressing pad, capable of absorbing over ten times its own weight in fluid. A pressure bandage allows direct pressure to be applied quickly and maintained easily, this is secured instantly with a Velcro style fastening.