Chimney Sweep & Builders First Aid Kit – Complies with BSI & APICS Regulations


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This is a customised kit for Chimney Sweeps which complies with the new BSI Regulations and also APICS (The Association of Professional & Independent Chimney Sweeps). The kit can also be used by builders and on construction sites.

Apart from the normal range of medium & large dressings, we have also added self sealing finger dressings & eye dressings. To comply with the BSI regulations we have added Nitrile Gloves as opposed to Latex Gloves, a Resusciade Faceshield, Tuff Cut Scissors & a Foil Blanket. To customise the kit further we have added Eyewash Pods, Burn Gel Sachets, Hand Sanitiser, Splinter Forceps and Sutures


Medium Dressings x 2 –  Large Dressing x 1 – Finger Dressing x 3

Eye Dressing x 2 – Triangular Bandage x 2 – Safety Pins x 12

Washproof Plasters x 20 – Fabric Plasters x 20 – Alcohol Free Wipes x 10

Nitrile Gloves x 3 –  Resusciade Faceshield –  Tuffcut Scissors

20ml Eyewash Pods x 5 – Burn Gel Sachets x 3  – 50ml Hand Gel Sanitiser

Splinter Forceps –  Foil Blanket –  Sutures x 8

This Vehicle Carries A First Aid Kit Window Sticker  – Guidance Notes