Baby & Children’s First Aid Kit – includes Thermometer, Sun Cream, Calpol


Baby and Children’s First Aid Kit

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Customised Children’s First Aid Kit suitable for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children – we can add and take items out of the kit depending on your preferences and if they will fit in the kit.

Be prepared for any emergency…just in case – suitable for home, travelling and work – contains 54 individual items


10 x Children’s Washproof Plasters

2 x Burn Gel Sachets – these can be used for any burn, including sun burn

2 x Non Adherent Dressings

2 x ‘Ouch’ Dressings (Big Plasters)

1 x Conforming Bandage

1 x Small First Aid Scissors

1 x Micropore Tape

1 x 20ml Eyewash Pod

2 x Disposable Thermometers

1 x Splinter Forceps

4 x Alcohol Free Wipes

6 x Safety Pins

1 x First Aid for Children Guidance Leaflet

1 x Meningitis Card

1 x Medium Bandage

1 x Eye Bandage

1 x Finger Dressings

1 x 15gm Antiseptic Cream

1 x Pair of Gloves

2 x Sun Cream Sachets

2 x Insect Repellent Wipes

2 x Insect Sting Relief Wipes

2 x Calpol Sachets

1 x Medicine Spoon

2 x Fever Cooling Strips

8 x Brave Stickers

Please note some of the contents may differ depending on which supplier we use and how often we update products on Use By Dates.